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Dissemination is central to scientific progress.

EU Research is a dissemination and outreach agency. We help researchers, universities, and funding bodies to explain, translate and champion both basic and applied research.


EU Research is a quarterly open access publication available in print and online. It features the latest research and news across a broad range of scientific field.

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As a trusted outlet and partner to the world’s leading universities and businesses, our expert team have decades of experience in disseminating research.


From bespoke illustrations to video production EU Research provides an extensive range of services to help projects at any stage of their life cycle.

what our clients say


“First of all: You have done an amazing job (putting all together and polishing my English)! Thank you for this”

Felix Maier, Wuerzberg Uni, DFG

“You are inspiringly kind, positive and professional. It’s a privilege to work with you”

PR Director KTH Sweden

“I have read in detail your text, and I must congratulate you. I have some experience with journalists or writers who wrote some description or explanation of the results we got in the past for newspapers or books and most of the time I was not happy with it and had to iterate a lot with them. Your text is ‘perfect’ with no scientific mistake or error of any kind. This is very impressive”

Project Coordinator, CNRS France

“Working with EU Research magazine helped us to efficiently solve academic, governmental and commercial communication to a wide audience not attainable through the traditional channels of knowledge transfer. I would highly recommend them to my colleagues and hope to work with them again”

Project Coordinator, Max Planck Institute Germany

“(my team) have been very pleased with the article and congratulate you on a very good explanation of the very complex technology. “This is rare!”

Head of department – Volkswagen

“I was very satisfied with the service offered by EU Research. The EU Research team was very professional and efficient, they produced a very comprehensive and catchy article. Overall, the process was smooth and fast and the result very satisfying. I felt to have saved a lot of my time and received a great service. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues and will consider to use it for future projects.”

Francesco Viti, MERLIN

“I get so much from reading each issue often far beyond my expectations. The articles are consistently incisive, interesting and entertaining. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who has an interest in science and research.”

Simon Hedges – Airbus

Thank you very much for this. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. You have done amazing work and I am really pleased to see our project presented in such an amazing light! I will definitely consider working with EU Research in the future!

Nicolas Pade – ASSEMBLE Plus Project Coordinator

The services, guidance and help throughout the process before publication are remarkable. The wide distribution of the journal has made a fundamental contribution to my dissemination. I would recommend EU Research without any doubt.

Prof Rossana Martini – Director of the ELSTE – University of Geneva

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