Dissemination Partner

As a dissemination partner EU Research can provide some or all of the above services in a bespoke offering to perfectly suit your requirements. 

By working with us we can develop a dissemination plan which will facilitate the translation of your research into practice. EU Research treats each project individually and can advise and assist with every step of dissemination including:


    • Consultation – Where to start
    • Findings and Products – What will be disseminated
    • End Users – Who should and could you target, evaluating who will apply your research in practice.
    • Other Partners – Companies, Networks and Individuals through whom you can reach end users
    • Communication – What methods would be most effective in conveying the outcomes of the project
    • Dissemination work plan – Combining the above to deliver the desired results and assist in the project getting funded
    • Evaluation – Determining what worked and what to continue with for continued  success

    Whether you need dissemination for a research project or something else EU Research can assist you in planning and budgeting a project dissemination strategy. Whether you include EU Research as a partner, or even subcontract the dissemination to us as an outsourced service we can help.