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Dissemination of science to major sectors and a global audience

We recognise the wider importance of scientific research and specialise in its outreach. We have extensive experience of working with EU-funded projects and believe that effective communication of scientific research is the key to capitalising on its long-term potential.

The world’s universities and academic institutions are home to advanced technical expertise, and building strong links between academia and commerce is crucial to ensuring that research advances are translated into tangible developments, such as new medicines, improved communications networks or innovative methods for producing and conserving energy. At EU Research we use our skills to present complex material in a clear, concise and accessible way, and use our strong relationships with academic, commercial and governmental contacts to bring your research to a targeted, immediately relevant audience.

While applied research forms an important part of the scientific agenda, we also know the value of fundamental research, and recognise that work motivated purely by academic curiosity is crucial to the ongoing development of science across all fields. Alongside our work in writing, editing and designing articles we provide rigorous copy-editing and proof-reading services. We know the importance of using clear and accurate language in technical documents and research papers, and combine a keen eye for detail with a meticulous approach to our work.

The Magazine

The EU Research publication is the leading non peer-review research journal in Europe. Covering a broad range of scientific fields.

We can report and document any stage of a project life cycle, from the initial concept through to the final results.

EU Research is an effective, accessible and widely distributed platform for the dissemination of scientific research, the progress of which is central to global economic, social and cultural development. The global marketplace depends on ongoing technological development to deliver faster, better, more reliable solutions, while fundamental research holds the key to a deeper understanding of the issues that affect all of our lives.

These are issues we seek to reflect within the pages of EU Research, each edition of which focuses on a major scientific topic, thereby enhancing the visibility of research while also ensuring that it reaches the most relevant audience.

We write and edit high quality content centred on major research projects, while our mix of editorial and interviews offers a complete overview of current research in Europe. EU Research actively enables academia, government and the private sector to build relationships and collaborate across all areas of science.

The Impact

The EU Research publication is available both in print, online and always fully open access. The print circulation covers all of Europe through a combination of individual subscribers who receive a single copy each issue and organisations and institutions who receive a number of issues where they are made freely available.

As of January 2013 the EU Research magazine was launched online for free without subscription, the first European research dissemination publication to do so. Our online readership gives us a global audience across academia, industry and government. As well as being available on our website EU Research is hosted on issuu.com a leading publishing website which independently counts and verifies our readership figures. All our readership statistics and data is available in our media kit. Please contact us if you would like to receive this.


EU Research has a print distribution with subscribers in over 40 European countries. In addition to this print copies are readily available at most major universities and research centres from Brussels to Zagreb. The EU Research magazine is available open access online for free without subscription, Our impact has grown considerably over time with it being viewed in all 7 continents in over 170 countries. Although the publication is available on www.euresearcher.com it is hosted on issuu.com a leading publishing website which independently counts and verifies our viewing figures. Each magazine is hosted indefinitely however during the first 3 months of availability each issue on average generates over 300,000 reads.


The main remit of EU Research is to present research to the general public. However the role of dissemination is more than just translating science to the layman. Effective dissemination and communication are vital to ensure that research has a social, political, or economical impact. Our readership covers academia, industry, and public sector. Alongside outreach we can present research to specific industries and audiences with a view to generate interest and enquiries from key stakeholders. From Aerospace executives to policy makers in finance to high school students in Zambia EU Research can effectively target the audiences you need.

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